Aberystwyth theatre company gets worldwide support

A new play To Kill a Machine about Alan Turing, written by Aberystwyth University lecturer Catrin Fflur Huws has received worldwide support from a Kickstarter campaign.  The project raised £8,000 through its crowdfunding campaign with funding for the project coming from supporters in New Zealand, Germany and the US as well as major funding from computer scientist and law communities in Wales.

Not only has the project secured funding through Kickstarter but it has also been awarded two project grants from Arts Council Wales. The first grant will support the production and tour of Wales and the second is one of the highly competitive Wales in Edinburgh awards with only 10 Welsh companies or artists awarded support to present the best of Welsh theatre at the internationally renowned festival of performance.

The centenary year celebrations of Alan Turing and the government pardon brought Alan Turing’s life-story to the attention of more people but it is the recent film starring Benedict Cumberbatch which has finally seen Alan Turing become a household name. However the film has been subject to some criticism for its lack of factual accuracy about Turing’s life and work.  To Kill a Machine however has been embraced by computer scientists who have applauded not only Catrin Fflur Huws’ telling of Turing’s life story but the way she has embedded Turing’s own work into the play.

Catrin Fflur Huws said, “I’m really honoured by how much support To Kill A Machine has received. The story, about loneliness and exile, as well as courage and extraordinariness is one lots of people can identify with. There’s also a lot of humour and warmth in the play. It’s a story about love and friendship as well as injustice. I am very pleased that so many more people will get the chance to hear my version of this true story.”

Sandra Bendelow, the producer of To Kill a Machine said, “We always knew that Catrin’s play about Alan Turing was very special and had the potential to be something quite incredible. It is amazing to have the support of so many people who want to see the play. It is always really challenging to get support through crowdfunding campaigns but this was genuinely enjoyable. To see how much love,  adoration and respect there is for Alan Turing is quite a humbling and overwhelming experience. Alan Turing is a hero to so many people for so many reasons and we’re really excited about being able to show people why, and telling the Alan Turing story the way it should be told.”

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