First Week Special Offer for completed crosswords

KillMachine2045wScriptography productions and Zoo Venues are delighted to offer £1 off all tickets for To Kill a Machine during our first week for potential code breakers.

All you have to do to claim the offer is  take a completed broadsheet crossword from that day to the Zoo box office and you will be given £1 off your ticket. This offer is valid for all shows taking place during the first week.

To Kill a Machine tells the life-story of war-time cryptanalyst Alan Turing, written by Welsh playwright Catrin Fflur Huws. It is a story about the importance of truth and injustice and about the importance of keeping and of revealing secrets.

The play examines his pioneering work considering whether a machine could think asking the questions: what then is the difference between a human and a machine and if a human is prevented from thinking, do they then become a machine?

At the heart of the play is a powerful love story which questions the meaning of humanity, and the importance of freedom and considers how these questions are played out in relation to Turing’s own life, death and posthumous re-evaluation. It is the story of Turing the genius, Turing the victim and Turing the constant, in a tumultuous world.

The play is supported by the Arts Council Wales – Wales in Edinburgh awards.

To Kill a Machine is at Zoo: Aviary Venue 124 Edinburgh Fringe Festival 7th – 31st August 8:55PM

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“To Kill a Machine questions something so fundamental, so ingrained within society and across cultures, and so ultimately problematic: the distinction between man and woman.”

“Gwydion Rhys gives a virtuoso performance as Alan Turing”

KillMachine2035w“a triumph and a thrill to watch”

“To Kill a Machine is a sensational piece of theatre about Alan Turing’s life”

“Don’t expect some wishy-washy story of a nice geeky
guy who happened to be homosexual. No, this is a hard-hitting look at the nature of humanity when confronted with a person who won’t – or perhaps just can’t – conform.”

“Gwydion Rhys is fantastic as Turing”

“Absorbing, provocative and, sometimes uncomfortable
to watch”