Gwydion Rhys

Gwydion RhysGwydion Rhys talks about being at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time playing Alan Turing. 
My first impression of Edinburgh? –  that the city is just lush. The buildings and the history to it.
But because the Fringe is on you kind of miss this initially as the whole buzz of the place and people take over, so it’s taken 3/4 days to absorb all this before taking a moment to appreciate the city itself.
It’s daunting doing a show anywhere, you always work hard in rehearsals and in your own personal prep even if it’s one show, tour etc, but here at The Fringe, going into the first few shows, you know if you get off to a bad start it could be a long month catching up and feeling that you’ve failed to convey the story and your hard work hasn’t paid off. So to get the reaction we are having is a relief but so rewarding, for me personally, I’m just happy the script and story is now finally reaping it’s rewards and that the whole process of development seems to be paying off.

But it’s easy to be carried away with stars and compliments and those compliments turn into complacency, so we have to remember that each show vanishes when the final light comes down and the next day is the start to our 1st show in a way, because I always say “ tonight we have people coming who have not seen it, or even have expectation that it’s good, so we have to work to earn the right to re claim those compliments each show”

KillMachine2_rehearsals_113WMy favourite part? –  opening night, the fear, excitement that finally we have brought Turing to Edinburgh, and are presenting To Kill a Machine to the world.
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To Kill a Machine is at Edinburgh Fringe Festival ZOO Venues until 31st August,