Success for To Kill a Machine

To Kill a Machine: Scriptography ProductionsThe To Kill a Machine Spring tour received an incredible response from audiences and critics.

Here is a summary of some of the amazing response and reviews.

“Don’t expect some wishy-washy story of a nice geeky guy who happened to be homosexual. No, this is a hard-hitting look at the nature of humanity when confronted with a person who won’t – or perhaps just can’t – conform.”

“a triumph and a thrill to watch”

“To Kill a Machine is a sensational piece of theatre about Alan Turing’s life””

“Gwydion Rhys is fantastic as Turing”

To Kill a Machine: Scriptography Productions“Absorbing, provocative and, sometimes uncomfortable to watch”

“The script is fantastically candid”

“congratulations to Catrin Fflur Huws on writing such a dark, comic, compelling and deeply insightful play. Felt it had quite a Samuel Beckett feel to it. Secondly congratulations to strong cast that took us through the play at quite a whirlwind pace. Was quite surprised when we had reached the end as felt hadn’t been sat for five minutes. Really strong acting, and the portrayal of Alan was absolutely fantastic.” Leanne Knibb

“To Kill a Machine was stark, shocking and insightful. Gave me a new perspective on Alan Turing” Martha Reilly

“Stunning performances, writing and production. I am in awe of you all. What a brilliant new company” David Lyndon

Tough watch for all the right reasons: amazing show, you guys nailed it!” Chris Hoskins

If you have an opportunity, go see To Kill a Machine. Incredibly emotional portrayal of Turing by Gwydion Rhys.” Joanne Geary

To Kill a Machine: Scriptography Productions“Lovely evening seeing Robert Harper in To Kill a Machine at Arcola Theatre . What a thrilling look at a fascinating mind” Lady P

Portread pwerus, teimladwy a chwbl drydannol arall gan Gwydion Rhys” Paul Griffiths

Saw the fantastic To Kill a Machine by Scriptography last night –  a fantastically powerful piece, well worth a night out” Piers

“Loved To Kill a Machine at Torch Theatre this evening. Such clever writing by Catrin Fflur Huws and really top notch performances. Go see it.” Tracey Morris

“Huge congratulations to Gwydion Rhys and the cast of To Kill a Machine.Such a beautifly written and astonishingly performed play. take a bow.” Lisa Marged

Fantastic script, terrific production now on tour To Kill A Machine – so good it made me forget the election!” Kaite O’Reilly

To Kill a Machine is at Zoo: Aviary Edinburgh Fringe Festival 7th – 31st August 20:55PM