Praise from Alan Turing’s Family


Alan TuringFrom the moment that we began working on To Kill a Machine the legacy of Alan Turing has been uppermost to all of us. We are thrilled and overwhelmed to have the support of Alan Turing’s family.

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching To Kill a Machine. I was totally captivated by the performance of Alan Turing by Gwydion Rhys. He played the part with great sensitivity and understanding of his character. It was a pleasure to see the true generosity and kindness in Alan’s character being well illustrated throughout the play.

The play explores well Alan’s commitment to his work and the country to which he served and also covers the turmoil in his mind with his sexuality. The last highly emotional scene shows the tremendous suffering of Alan Turing inflicted on him by the Government, for which he had worked so hard and achieved so much.

In summary To Kill a Machine is a sensitive and realistic portrayal of the complex character of Alan Turing. I would thoroughly recommend seeing this play.”

Rachel Barnes
Great niece of Alan Turing