What are the reviewers saying?

“This is a continuously stimulating evening with some truly great acting at its heart. While the play could usefully evolve further it is a show that deserves full houses throughout its short run, and a developing future beyond.”

“What lifts this show upwards again to a ‘four-star’ rating is the stature of the key performances and the central one above all, which is truly remarkable. Rhys manages to capture Turing’s sense of intellectual abstraction and his intense vulnerability and weave them into a compellingly coherent whole. It is a beautifully detailed performance – the element of a slight stammer here, a nervous laugh there, and a resplendently translucent sincerity whether expressed in his intellectual ardour and determination or in a pent-up, tensed sensuality graphically released in a sex scene that was absolutely necessary, and an element of his story that is too often airbrushed away into a halo of sainthood”

“This human subject still retains the power to trouble and inspire us, while also posing large intellectual questions on the nature of intelligence and human thought and machines that are at the heart of who we are in 2016.”

“Script and direction are equally to be praised for an exploration of Alan Turing’s life and career that is as full of insight and individuality as it is of respectful curiosity.”

“Gwydion Rhys’ focused and detailed central performance reconciles Turing’s mathematical genius and social incompetence in a complex, infuriating and compelling character with whom the audience is fully involved at every moment.”

“The greatest joy of this production, though, is that it is ensemble theatre at its best: Rick Yale, Francois Pandolfo and Robert Harper create minor characters who are never minor; the company of four are equally essential to this physical and emotional world that never stops convincing or shocking, regardless of whether the scene content is mathematical or sexual.”

“Not to be missed”

The Remote Goat http://www.remotegoat.com/uk/review/12681/thoughtful-and-physical-ensemble-theatre/

“An impressive celebration of the genius of Turing and a timely reminder that it would be an injustice to forget how horrifically he was treated by the country that he had helped to save.”


“To Kill a Machine is a poignant piece of theatre that explores the history of one of Britain’s most wrongly accused victims. With magnificent performances from a small, yet capable cast alongside fantastic direction from Angharad Lee, To Kill a Machine makes for sensational drama. What is the difference between man and machine? Head over to the Kings Head Theatre to find out for yourself.”
The Upcoming http://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2016/04/10/to-kill-a-machine-at-the-kings-head-theatre-theatre-review/

*** “I found myself longing for more time with Gwydion Rhys’ deceptively moving performance as the brittle, unchangeably other Turing; romanticising the men in his life with a doomed, dreamer’s naivety.”
The Stage https://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/2016/to-kill-a-machine-review-at-kings-head-theatre-london/