What is the audience saying?


“To Kill A Machine by @scriptography is outstanding. Incredible performances all round. Surely one of the most poignant shows at @edfringe” @stephconnell292

@ZOOvenues highlights are To Kill a Machine @scriptography (incredible lead performance) @WardrobEnsemble Future of Sex” @nickmslater

“To Kill A Machine was fantastic – brilliant, truthful performances” @VickiGlover26

“To Kill A Machine is a must see. Wonderful cast & brilliant play.” @durnowrich

“Absolutely beautiful acting in @scriptography ‘s . Really inspiring performances. Beautiful.” @rosemaryterry

“So far my two favourite plays have both been Welsh productions. Iphigenia in Splott and To Kill A Machine. 2 outstanding performances.” @fade2dust

“Just seen @scriptography #tokillamachine. Wonderfully written and superbly acted. Passionate, painful, and poignant. Gwydion Rhys is a star.” @lucywithasmile

“#tokillamachine – absolutely amazing. Definitely go and see!” @charli_unwin

“To Kill A Machine is the most powerful piece of theatre you will ever see. Don’t miss it at The Edinburgh Fringe !” @sueavery_writer

“fabulously moving show – great performances all round” @livingpic

“To kill a machine was by far one of the most powerful and moving pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Absolutely incredible! #” @Julia_Birdx

“Blown away by Kill a Machine – Zoo venue – a must see! “ @Poshcoch

“To Kill A Machine – incredibly moving and beautifully acted.” @Alice_Burrows

KillMachine2118w“Outstanding performance of To Kill A Machine tonight. Another top Welsh made production @edfringe – loving #Edinburgh” @Jamrees

“Thought #tokillamachine was brilliant last night. A direct, powerful piece about a great man who was treated awfully. Congrats. GO!” @BaleGJ

“People of Edinburgh, go watch ‘To Kill a Machine’ @ZOOvenues Terrific script, great direction by @AngharadLee and some really superb acting” @darkmantheatre

“don’t miss #tokillamachine. Caught it last night, fantastic perfs & compelling depiction of Turings life” @KBarrDiff

“Loved To Kill A Machine @ZOOvenues Southside.  Compelling theatre impeccably acted & directed” @FringeMan2015

“Saw the most amazing show last night “To Kill a Machine”, the best piece of theatre I’ve seen so far the the fringe #edfringe” @FrancescaHill18

“I saw the most incredible piece of theatre tonight, still can’t get over how great “To kill a machine” was #edfringe” @maddie_bonser

“To Kill a Machine is dazzling theatre. Gwydion Rhys is revelatory as Alan Turing #bestofEdinburghFringe  #ToKillaMachineElectrifies” @Fjaklute

“A powerful piece of theatre.” Thomas Meyer https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/to-kill-a-machine

“hits like an emotional freight train.” Graeme Ross https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/to-kill-a-machine

To Kill a Machine is at Edinburgh Fringe Festival ZOO Venues until 31st August, https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/to-kill-a-machine